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The name Lacrima (which translates as teardrop) is almost certainly derived from the fact that upon maturity the skin of the grape known as Lacrima tends to burst open and therefore produces ‘tears’ of grape juice. The vine and the grape each share the name Lacrima, both of which were at the risk of dying out completely in the mid 1980’s. Thanks to some forward thinking locals Lacrima was saved and later gained DOC status. 

The Lacrima vine is native to this area and the local habitat is ideal. Production is restricted to a small area of hillsides North of the river Esino within the province of Ancona. The DOC status extends only to vineyards within the territories of Morro D’Alba, Monte San Vito, San Marcello, Belvedere Ostrense, Ostra and Senigallia.

The vine is very versatile and the grapes produced can be processed in a variety of ways. A classic table wine when vinified using traditional methods, a fragrant young wine when carbonic maceration is undertaken, or a superb passito wine made with mature sun dried grapes. The wines produced from this grape are undoubtedly amongst the finest available in this category. Now known and marketed worldwide, the wine continues to gain popularity in today’s market place.

The Lacrima vine has been cultivated in this area for centuries, in 1167 Federico Barbarossa is said to have appreciated the local wine when he was based in Morro D’Alba during the siege of Ancona. Today the wine is produced by hard working, knowledgeable local people who strive to continue to produce a high quality and prestigious wine. It is gaining more recognition in the worldwide wine business.


Lacrima di Morro D’Alba wine is produced exclusively within the six territories named above using the native vine. Other red skinned grapes can be added up to a maximum of 15%, the varieties added are restricted and authorized by the province of Ancona.


COLOUR: ruby red (very intense in the Superior version) with reflections of violet. Hues of garnet and purple can often be seen in the Passito wine.

PERFUME: pleasant and agreeable scents of roses, violets, red and white flowers with an inkling of red fruits.

FLAVOUR: medium bodied. Agreeable harmonic and equilibrated soft flavours of fruits and flowers. The Passito version has a velvety slightly sweeter flavour.

ALCOHOL CONTENT: minimum total volume 11% for the basic wine,12% for Superior and 15% for Passito.

TOTAL ACIDITY: minimum 4.5g/l for the basic and Superior wines,4.0/l for Passito.

DRY EXTRACT: net minimum 20g/l for the basic wine,22g/l for Superior and 24g/l for Passito.


The wine is a suitable accompaniment to a wide range of first and second courses especially the traditional local Marchigianan cuisine. Great combinations include pasta with robust sauces and ragout, red meats, seasoned fish, salamis and spiced dishes (the Superior version is particularly adaptable to spicy and aromatic foods). Passito is more of a dessert wine and combines well with fruit tarts, red fruits, pastries and bitter chocolate.

Optimum age and serving conditions.

A young wine, Lacrima can be aged moderately for 2 to 3 years. With age the fruit and floral flavours become more intense with hints of broom, strawberry, heather and blueberry.

Leave to decant for at least half an hour before serving. Ideal serving temperature circa 15%.

Serve in a long stemmed medium size wine glass which is fine and tapered.

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