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The Utensil Museum houses a collection of tools, machinery and documentation from the days of sharecropping. This was the way of life for many local people whereby the farmers lived and worked the land and shared the produce with the landowners. The lifestyle was hard and the farmers, mainly self sufficient, provided the family with their daily needs. The exhibition presents a substantial selection of artifacts made by the local farmers including tools and machinery for working in the fields and cultivating the land.

The museum is based in the underground vaults of ‘la scarpa’, a collection of interlinking rooms (constructed in the late 17th century), each of which host a different theme including blacksmiths’ works, tools and machinery for cultivating the land and rearing animals, kitchen utensils, spinning, weaving and wine making. Each trade and work is documented and visitors to the museum can imagine the life of a farmer (contadino) many years ago. Prime materials, construction techniques and finished handmade products are displayed.

Visitors can also access part of the lower levels of the underground caverns which date back to the late 15th and early 16th centuries.



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