Morro d’Albba


The candlelit castle walls provide an intimate atmosphere in which to taste our very own wines and regional products, underneath the stars – a truly magical evening.

The 10th of August sees the celebration of ‘San Lorenzo’. An evening of fine wines and delicious food, a magical atmosphere welcoming everyone to discover the tastes and flavours of our small town.
The evening gives the opportunity for visitors to:

  • taste and purchase local wines and products, whilst strolling along ‘la scarpa’,which is the town’s unique covered walkway.
  • purchase an attractive wine glass which can then be used for free wine tastings from the local wine producers who are based along the walkway.
  • sample an assortment of local products, particularly those that compliment the wines on offer.
  • partake in a guided tour of the town and visit our utensil museum.

There is also live music and the opportunity to view the stars in the company of local astronomers.

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